Margaret Nock

Light Language, Empaths, Ascension Codes



Hi Everyone!

Some of my fellow light workers, empaths, clients and myself included, have been experiencing major shifts as we integrate more light into our emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Recently, I was referred to Yvonne Perry for a session and she was very helpful to me as she guided me through my healing and integration session so I thought some of you might also be interested in her work.  I have found that if one person is feeling the changes than it’s time to share as many are actually feeling isolated, confused, possibly scared.  Yvonne’s books are informative, easy to understand, and a good resource to anyone on a spiritual journey during this important shift into the new consciousness.

I realize that lately, I’ve been sharing many books with you, but I feel it is rather important to share as (and my clients) go along the journey. We can all learn a great deal from each other.  There will be more content driven blogs, recordings and classes coming as I move into a deeper love and understanding of the light, support and energies that surround all of us, even if we choose not to acknowledge it.

You will also see some more choices in services that I feel you will like.

Please stand by while your teachers and healers shift, as new material is coming into form all the time.

Love, light and joy from my heart to yours,