Margaret Nock

Hello Abundance!


Are you truly open to abundance in your life?

Has ancestral patterning and outdated rigid thinking created fear or guilt regarding abundance?   Consider, if you will, today’s affirmation as your step one to embracing abundance in your life.

Begin to tune into the energy of abundance. See, feel or sense,  in your own beautiful way, the abundance that is already in your life with an open heart of gratitude.

You may begin this process by finding a quiet place to settle into your center with eyes closed and gentle breathing.  Be mindful of your breath as you relax.  Know that any movements, noise or thoughts will only serve to bring you even further into your relaxed state. Continue to breathe in gratitude and breathe out any tension in the body. As you relax, remain open to any new awareness that may drop in.

When you feel you are ready to finish your relaxation, you will remember all you experienced. You will want to journal your thoughts, feelings and any insight you receive.  You may also continue to receive awareness and insight throughout the day.

Have a week filled with light, love and joy✨

Photo shared from the Affirm Your Life App