Margaret Nock

Three Cool Reads…

From the Mouths of Mediums by Julie Beischel PhD

Do you want to understand a medium’s experiences with communication? Try this informative book of conversations with the Windbridge Certified Research Mediums.


When Heaven Touches Earth , James Van Praggh, Sunny Dawn Johnston, and Lisa McCourt.

Enjoy over twenty stories of people from different walks of life who have experienced direct contact with the spirit world.  This is a wonderful and insightful collection that you will read over and over and share with a friend.  Learn of the unconditional love for you in the spirit world.


A Dead Man’s View of Life and Death by Tina Zion

This book is the candid description by JH, a man who has recently passed through the veil. He is exited to share his own account of his life and his death and has given permission to share everything with the world so that the living could benefit.

The spirit information was received by Tina Zion .

I hope you will grab your favorite hot beverage and cozy up with these three cool books.

Happy Winter Reading,