Margaret Nock

The essences of winter…


You don’t have to suffer with the winter blahs!

Winter brings on a lot of wonderful energy to help us renew, begin a new journey, or perhaps find peace and rest to recover.  Some times we become a little blue or have what’s known as the “blahs” during this time as well.   We may not be taking in enough fresh air, exercise less, and perhaps aren’t keeping our vibration high enough to fulfill the tasks and commitments of your exciting journey of 2015.

The “go to” items that I reach for during these challenging months are essential oils. Two must haves for me when I feel my vibration becoming a little lower, my energy waning, or my emotions getting stuck in the physical body, are St. John’s Shield™ and Benediction Herbal Flower Oils™.


Saint John’s Shield™ is perfect for depression, anxiety and depletion.  It stimulates and nourishes internal light bearing capacity when  external seasonal light changes.  You might also want to use it for nerve trauma and to relieve the insomnia related to this time of year and to travel.


Benediction Oil™  encourages us to respect and respond to our inner movements of soul and all healing and transformation.

I hope you will find these essential oils helpful to you in your six sensory life.

Be well, there’s no reason not to be!  You are a beautiful divine spirit in the physical body.  You are loved and supported by the creator and all of the loving light beings who assist you daily.  Remember to ask for their help daily.