Margaret Nock

Shift baby, shift

Hello, hello, hello… It’s been a awhile since I’ve blogged. I’ve missed you, but know that I have been super busy creating some new services to offer you. 🙂

I came across this wonderful message today in my inspiration file from Doreen Virtue and wanted to share it with you all. Many people on the planet have been recently, or within the past few years, dealing with enormous shifts, exciting new opportunities as well as a new awareness of why we are all here…myself included.

This summer has been one of those challenging, yet rewarding, periods of growth, understanding and change for me.  As I move toward creating all that is in alignment with my goals and life purpose, I have stepped away from social media at times to concentrate in present time wholeheartedly on my heart’s desire.  I have noticed many of my friends and fellow bloggers who have been steadfastly sharing on social media or have blogged since 2007, as I have, are burned out, a bit. As I move forward, there will be some new additions to the services that I know you will like, as many of you have requested them.

Some parts of the journey don’t need to be shared in a big way on a daily basis.  Rather, these experiences should be taken in and reflected upon as we grow and perhaps shared with like minded people, used as teaching material in written or audio form or expressed in another creative way.

I will be posting more updates soon on social media, and here on this blog, as I create some delicious new energy and a can do attitude.

Always remember… You are an expansive and beautiful spark of light filled with love and infinite creativity…not to mention your super fantastic A-Team of Angles, Guides, Ascended Masters, and the God of your knowing.