Margaret Nock

See Feel and Know the Signs

Today, I’d like to encourage you to acknowledge the signs from your loved ones who have transitioned through the veil.

This past week, I’ve been receiving signs from my mom, sister, mother and grandmother – essentially some of the most important people in my life for many years. It has been such a blessing of comfort and support for me at this time.

I have felt their energy in my aura at a local garden, and caught myself mindlessly humming tunes from long ago which they loved. For example, my grandmother, or Nana, as I called her, loved tv westerns and I used to sit on the floor by her chair as a very small child playing or coloring while she watched her afternoon westerns. Those were peaceful times. These loved ones have touched my heart with their subtle energy, I have smelled their perfume and seen them in my dreams.

My mother guided me to an old photo album that had not been unpacked the 3 years we have been in our home.  I have been searching for it for while. It was tucked away in the garage behind some cleaning items we had on shelves. When I opened it, the first page was a picture of us together and happy while I was getting ready to go down the isle and get married. It was a wonderful and joyous day we all shared as a family.

These are just a few examples of how our departed loved ones reach out to us with subtle energies.  Notice them as they are indeed our loved ones in spirit.  They are telling us that they love us and that they are happy and in a state of love and peace. 

We don’t want to obsess over our loved ones who are departed and if you need help with your grief process, do seek grief counseling or a private reading, but understand that they are still close to us.  When you tune in and notice their love, all you need do is acknowledge them, send them your love and always express thanks.  Know in your heart that they are in a place of love and continued spiritual growth on the other side.

See, sense or know that the signs are real and that their souls are touching your aura and heart  with love. You may even meet them in your dreams, unexpectedly hear their favorite song in a restaurant or hear their name repeated by people around you when you go to the store on a seemingly simple and uneventful errand.

There are many reasons they visit us.  Some may ask for forgiveness, acknowledge they were at your birthday or anniversary party, or they were there before a new baby arrived in the family and held them close before they were born. When we study mediumship, we quickly learn that Spirit never wastes a thought or a word when it comes to bringing us messages and signs of the love they have for us.

I hope this post brings you healing in the knowledge that your loved ones beyond the veil are happy and are giving you signs, if you will only notice them.

What are some of the ways your departed loved ones in the light have made you aware of their love and presence in your life?  Please comment if you have had and would like to share your experience with receiving signs from your loved ones in the light.

Be at peace and celebrate your life,