Margaret Nock

Reiki Clearing of Negative Energy/Entity Attunement

Reiki Clearing of Negative Energy/Entity Attunement

As a Reiki Master, I understand the importance of this attunement.  We are exposed to negative and unwanted energy of people, places, and even are own negative thoughts.  It’s important to take care of ourselves and be responsible for the the energetic frequency we project out into the world.

I have had this attunement myself and felt great release and peace afterward.  If you feel that you have experienced any negativity and are experiencing problems with your health, life and overall being because of it, I would suggest this attunement. It is most helpful to ghost hunters, empaths, healers and anyone suffering or struggling with negativity.  You are not alone in this, as we all can experience this negativity because we are human and living on Earth.

 A wise teacher once told me that negative entities or energy attachments should always be dealt with but not feared.  Fear will only lower your vibrational frequency.

This attunement is not a substitute for any medical advice or care from a health care professional, but rather a gentle compliment to your well being.

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It is suggested that you be familiar with an energy healing technique to give this attunement to others.

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Know that you are always loved and supported by a host of Angels, Guides, Master Teachers, Ascended Masters, and more – so much more, including the God of your knowing.

Blessings of Peace and Well Being,