Margaret Nock

Mentoring is now available.

I’ve been mentoring now for several years and helping the people the angels sent to me. This year, I decided to open up my practice to invite more of you into this sacred mentoring space.  There is nothing more scarey than not knowing where to go for help or clarity, especially when you are a sensitive person. I know, because since early childhood, I have sought out “safe” people to share my concerns with. There have been times in adulthood, however, that were down right difficult to comprehend.  There was an activation of sorts to utilize all of my gifts, enormous and painful change, upheaval as well as calm periods where I just needed guidance.  I’ve been there, and so I understand the importance of having someone there during every stage of development and growth.

Please contact me through the contact form here on the website for details on how I may assist you.

Some, but not all, areas you may have questions  about or need help with may include:

Energetic Blocks and Clearings

Understanding your gift of Mediumship, Psychic Ability, Empathic Ability, Telepathy

Help with Assertiveness and Balance (much needed by Earth Angels who tend to give too much)

Star Seed (discovering your origins)

Ascension Energy Alignment

Past Life Understanding for this particular life.

Self-Empowerment and Problem Solving for everyday life by learning how to access your higher-self, angels, and more.

Learn how to listen to and tap into your intuitive abilities.

If you don’t see your particular area listed, please feel free to contact me and let me know what you are needing help with on your spiritual journey.

Reasonable rates are available.

All mentoring work is done via phone in a safe and non-judgmental, compassionate and open hearted sacred space with your angels and guides assisting.


May you have an high vibrational week filled with love in your heart and angels of love, light and protection surrounding you.