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See what clients are saying about their sessions with Margaret:

Margaret – I felt the energy of my guides and angels in my channeling session today.  I feel that I can now move forward. Thank you for the chance to experience their love more deeply. Allison G. (IL)                

Margaret, thank you for helping me through my grief. I found the lost bracelet you described right where you mentioned!!! and wearing it every day. I know my mother is safe and happy now. I can tell my children grandma is watching over all of us.
Angela B. (OH)
Margaret, I felt my mother was around me. Thanks for the validation today. Now I know for sure that it’s not my imagination.
Len (AK)
Dear Margaret, My journey as an empath just got easier. Thanks for the guidance – it all makes so much sense to me now.
Kim (MN)
Thank you Margaret. You have mirrored my feelings exactly. It is such a confidence builder to have affirmation. Good job! Bless you for being a part of my journey. Sylvia L. (CA)
Dear Margaret, Thank you, thank you! This was such an in-depth and lovely card reading. Will be sure to keep in mind what the reading says. Thank you for taking the trouble to add your intuitive comments and the Reiki blessing as well. I feel like I need it with my current energy detox going on! As regards to your reading what you mentioned in the reading is apt!
Susan A. (India)
Margaret – There is much truth in your words. There has been alot of change in my life of late and some continual trends which your reading has given me great insight over. I also love the addition of the number meanings, they were very insightful and informative. I love the humour and excitment you put in your words! Thank you so very much for your beautiful angel card reading Margaret. I will be sure to keep this one close to my heart
Penny B. (Australia)
Thank you for the insightful reading. Throughout our session, I felt palpable healing energy. Your wisdom and support were extraordinary; and I remain especially grateful for the clarity you provided about some of the challenges in my life. Sometimes we just need “a little help from a friend;” you offered that help–and much more. I now have a better sense of the road ahead, and a stronger understanding of the guidance that is always available to me. With all my heart–Thank You.
Thanks again, Margaret! I had a really nice experience and appreciate your ability to share your gifts with me and my angel. Blessings, Brian (PA)
Dear Margaret,
You are probably one of the sweetest, competent  medium teachers i have ever met. you are so generous with your teaching and encouragement and belief in others… it is a perfect mix to being a wonderful teacher that impacts lives. Thank you and blessings, Meg (MA)
Thank you Margaret for the uplifting reading. You are inspirational. Betty (PA)
Hi Margaret -thank you thank you for the beautiful reading today… you are truly blessed. D. (DE)
Thank you so much Margaret! I feel absolutely grateful for the reading this morning. Feel beyond blessed to know I’m loved and supported. MG (VA)
Dear Margaret -You are an amazing soul!  It was such a delight to speak with you.  It is a blessing to know there is an entire orchestra of souls who have passed who are cheering me on. Thank you, Mary F. (MA)