Margaret Nock

Grow where you are planted…

Have you ever had an experience where you had to move to a new city, take a new job, or make a major change that you resisted?  Did you find your resistance caused even more turbulence in your life?

One of the main tenants that we learn through our Akashic Records is to Judge Not, Fear Not, Resist Not.  This sounds like it’s going to be difficult to do, especially when things seemingly are not going the way you planned. It may seem bleak right now but it is the beginning of something new.  You may be resistant to unexpected change because you Are very sensitive.  

There is a reason for that.  You see, any resistance or block is telling you to look at the situation from the viewpoint of your higher self in order to understand what is truly going on.  Many times this shift to new things is a blessing in disguise.  Our ego tells us the worst has happened, when in truth you are entering a new phase, a new trajectory, and a new beginning to something more in alignment with her purpose, whether it be soul growth, life path, or exploration of a past life or contract.

I have gone through difficult phases like this as well, one quite recently. We all do. How we approach these changes makes all the difference in our happiness. When we release the outcome, judgment, fear and any resistance, we are able to bring into our lives more clarity and peace.

During my own life experience, I have had situations of great growth and change.  They were simply big fat and sometimes painful or awkward wake up calls.  In my current situation, I have had to make a major move that I really dreaded until I told my ego to cool it and go sit in the corner. Needless, to say, I have gotten more guidance and have a better understanding of the situation and why I was being asked to make the move in the first place.  

If this is happening right now to you, take a breath, connect to your inner light and open your heart.  This will help you begin the process of releasing all outcomes. Remember to do this every time your life seems out of control.  Connect, connect connect to God, the Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and the Earth itself. You are loved and supported – always and forever more.

May you experience love, clarity, and peace today.


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