Margaret Nock

Follow the Signs

Happy March Six Sensory Bright Lights!

This year is zooming by with so much new energy, higher vibrations and increased awareness.  Today, I’d like to share a recent experience to encourage you if you sense, feel or know spirit often that it is not your imagination as you are a sensitive.

When I first began to acknowledge the gift of mediumship and began proper training to help the gift unfold, I learned to always have respect for spirit on all levels and this has served me well. The Spirit world is vast and unlimited and you will discover the energy of wonderful guides, angels, ascended masters and daily helpers of light and love.

When we speak of departed loved ones or spirit that comes and goes across the veil or sometimes stay here in the physical world for awhile, for whatever reason, we have to keep in mind their needs and their personality.

During my stay in Florida, I was wandering in and out of buildings at an historical site and came upon this lovely house with many original personal items such as furniture, photographs and clothes. I had the feeling of being watched and as I wandered to the bedroom, I felt spirit beside me.  The room was roped off so I leaned over to take a look at this little space and I immediately felt the saw with my 3rd eye, a dark haired woman in spirit with an expression of sterness and severe expression in her furrowed brows and dark eyes.  She clearly was not amused that I was peering into her space.  She shooed me away and followed me to the front of the house staying close behind me, skirts rustling, spirit breath on my neck and  footsteps behind me. As I stepped out the screen door to leave, she said “Out!”.

Now, I was respectful to her wishes but did want to speak with her. All she would express to me was that she did not like strangers in her house.  She proceeded to show me her broom.  I thanked her for allowing me to enter and that I would respect her wishes. I had to admire the spunk of this woman in spirit. She was annoyed, but not mean.  She retained her earthly personality and was expressing herself, as she did in life within a physical body.  It’s important to understand that not every spirit you encounter is harmful they may just be expressing their wishes for you to leave them alone.

Trust and know that spirit never wastes a word or a thought whether it is from a guide or a spirit that is still attached to their belongings or home. Always, follow your guidance and intuition.  Feel within your heart for clarity and always be confident and compassionate as you stand in your light of protection.

This is an example of one amazing type of experience to write in your journal.  You will have many.

Life goes on.  The soul will continue to learn, grow and collect experiences. You have lived and died before and will again. Follow the signs in your own life and know that you are an expanded and aware spirit of light yourself.  Afterall, you at your core are spirit in a physical body and are therefore able to speak to and sense spirit depending on your openess to the experience and if it is what you want. You always have free will.

Wherever you are in your awareness or development now is right where you need to be.  The key to your mediumship is understanding how energy works and understanding the difference between the psychic energy and true energy of mediumship. Study, grow, practice, practice, practice your two way communication that is mediumship.

Live in joy and the rest will fall into place.

Much love coming your way,