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SixSensoryBeing prayer circle

Six Sensory Being Prayer Circle

Please send your prayer requests only to

Your prayer request can be for a problem you or a loved one is facing at this time.  I encourage you to request prayers be said on you or a loved ones behalf because I have personally seen the power of prayer work miracles in every day life.

You may also request prayers for the loved ones who have gone to the other side.  They feel and hear your requests.

Please include the person’s name the request is for and the issue that needs attention. (example: illness, employment, departed loved one)

A list of first names (only) goes out once a month to the prayer circle.  Your email and any other  information is confidentifonal.

If you would like to join the prayer circle, please contact me at   I would love  to include you in our circle. You will only need to agree to say prayers to those on your list.