Margaret Nock

Are you taking a Leap in Faith?

"A leap of faith" occurs when we take action without true faith.  A "Leap in faith," by contrast, denotes genuine growth in faith." Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz

“A leap of faith” occurs when we take action without true faith.  A “Leap in faith,” by contrast, denotes genuine growth in  faith.”     Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz


Our souls are here to experience life in a physical form. During our pre-planning sessions before birth, we decide many experiences that we would like to have in the physical world. We also choose optional routes which enable us the freedom to explore these experiences. We choose the ancestral lines, our parents, etc who will help us explore the life lessons and themes we here to experience.

We can no longer place blame on others as we have chosen our own lessons to experience in order for us to grow spiritually, we can however, learn the practice of forgiveness in order to heal ourselves and everyone involved. By doing so, we teach, encourage others to love, show compassion, and learn patience as along with other higher teachings. There is also the experience of establishing a balance of one lifetime in another.

Nothing is as it seems if we only skim the surface of our lives. Understanding why a tragedy or misfortune has occurred in our lives can be understood more fully by exploring our soul’s journey through our Akashic Records. Your vibrational record is a place of non-judgemental awareness.  It contains all that you have been throughout all of your lives and experiences.  This is only the beginning, as there is much to learn about our ancestral patterning, the land we live on, the past lives which currently influence our situation in present time, and relationships with others.  It is a place to form the questions that we seek answers for.  All of these experiences have an influence on our lives.  There is so much more to us than our physical bodies and present lives.

I hope you will consider this aspect of your soul’s journey and take a Leap In Faith, as part of your spiritual journey.

Embrace your growth as you are a beautiful soul full of the wisdom and light of the Divine. 

Your highest, most loving guides and helpers want you to know that love, forgiveness and wisdom are already yours,


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