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Margaret Nock

Certified Professional Medium and Channel

Services include Readings, Teaching, Mentoring, Coaching and Public Speaking

For those of you who are new to the site, I’m a Professional Certified Evidential Medium and have enjoyed serving others for over 20 years.  My natural ability is a wonderful gift, but I also feel that continuing education and following a life path of service and compassion is also important.  I’ve listed many of the people and courses I’ve felt drawn to for my own studies over the years.  It is my joy sharing resources that bring peace into your life.  Please feel free to click on the names to learn more about these wonderful teachers, schools, and organizations.  I don’t receive compensation for any of these links, just the energy of sharing the goodness.

Healing is always the goal when receiving a reading, a channeled message, grief & loss counseling coaching or Reiki service. I would also like to mention that through many years of training, I have learned to distinguish between reading the energetic layers of the body from direct communication with guides, angels, and your departed loved ones.  I’m aware, as an empath, what is truly my emotion and pain from that of someone else’s experience in the physical world or beyond.  When I read for Spirit, they are in the light and I don’t channel lower vibrations or entities in any work that I do.  My goal is to always give you a professional, ethical and compassionate service which brings divine spiritual healing and support.  Personal opinions and experiences of ego do not have a place in a professional reading.

Education and Certifications:

Reverend and  Reiki Master in the Usui tradition and have been serving for over 20 years.  I am a member of and listed on  both the IARP and   Wellness Finder IWSA referral list. I am also a member of the Forever Family Foundation and a Certified Grief Counselor (J. William Worden, PhD, APP Model)

Completed courses  regarding psychic and mediumship training with Lisa WilliamsJohn Holland, Tony Stockwell and a Mediumship Study Programme with Martin Twycross, (Tutor at Arthur Findlay College of  Mediumship (UK)) Studied, and practiced daily in professional practice, the Advanced Spirit Communication and Public Mediumship Program, by Sharon Anne Klingler.  I have also participated in live platform training at The Journey Within Spiritualists’ National Union Church with Medium – The Reverend Janet Nohavec who studied and is a guest teacher at the  Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship (UK)  and renown and internationally known psychic medium John Holland.


Certified Professional Channel (Orion Channel technique) by Betsy-Morgan Coffman

Certified as an Advanced Practitioner by  Linda Howe in the Pathway Prayer Method for Reading the Akashic Records, Creativity through the Akashic Records, and Promoting Peace through the Akashic Records.  If you do not resonate with the prayer method, I am also trained in other methods.

Meditation and Remote Viewing: Completed courses and practice in the following approaches to meditation: Meditation Course with Deborah KingThe American Monk, Love or Above with Christie Marie Sheldon (also included learning how to have a high vibrational life) and the Silva Method. Specialist and completed Seeking The Light Course by Deborah King and Certified as a Book of Life Specialist (Akashic Records) Astral Travel.

Completed professional online courses with Sonia Choquette, Ph.D. Six Sensory Training for Professional Healers and Counselors, Ask Your Guides, Creating Your Hearts Desire, Power of Spirit, Grace, Guidance and Gifts, and True Balance, and Intuition for Creating Happy Relationships.

Certified Angel Card Reader® Certified Past Life Healer, Advanced and Angel Therapy Practioner®,  Mediumship Certification, Certified Assertiveness Coach with Doreen Virtue,Ph.D. and on the referral list on Doreen Virtue’s official website

Completed self study courses and online courses for Certification as a Grief and Loss Counselor…and study with Carol Tuttle, Donna Eden/Energy Medicine, Center for Soul Evolution, and Robert Bourne of Naturally You (UK)

Education: BA and MA Degree in Painting, SCAD, Teaching Internships in New York, and independent study in Spain on Symbolism.  I consider my art training key in helping me to learn to connect to guidance through creativity with the divine energy that supports us all. Doctor of Holistic Theology Program- Currently participating in coursework.

 Life took an interesting and creative turn in 2008 when my passion for knitting led me to create knitting patterns, books, and interview very crafty people.  My friends have called me “the knitting medium” as I was always up for reading if someone in my knitting group needed and wanted  one.  I find that Spirit always sends me where I need to be for service and healing.  You may have noticed this happening in your own life.

Any excuse to wear mini tiaras!

Any excuse to wear mini tiaras! Halloween 2014


Knit Knitavian Style by Margaret Nock Molly's Blanket of Hope

Knit Knitavian Style by Margaret Nock Molly’s Blanket of Hope 1997-2015

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my husband, and my Yorkie.  My joy is to teach, write and heal others.  I feel honored to bring messages to you from your departed loved ones, angels, guides and teachers in the light.  I feel such gratitude for all the wonderful people who have come into my life to teach me valuable lessons.  They have all enriched my life and given me the greatest gifts of all, grace, compassion and wisdom.  My food for the soul is chocolate, and my drink for the soul is café mocha.

more mocha please 

More mocha please…Thank you so much for taking a moment to stop by and I look forward to helping you move closer toward your goals of healing and joyful living.

Be the joy,Margaret.

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Adventures of the knitting medium...

Adventures of the knitting medium…